Writing press releases for online use

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To increase the chance of having a story published, make the editors’, freelancers’, reporters’ or journalists’ job easier by presenting the release in a format and style that appeals to them.

Considerations before writing the press release

1. Why the release is being written: to broadcast information, increase business, update target audiences?

2. Who is the audience?

3. Does the press release contain invaluable or newsworthy information that will be used by the target audience?

4. Is there a just cause for release the information that you wish to broadcast?

5. What do you want recipients to take away from the press release?

Overall tone and structure of the press release

1. Content – ensure that the release is grammatically correct and doesn’t contain any spelling mistakes, errors, and sources are quoted correctly.

2. Concise – keep it punchy and don’t use unnecessary flowery language e.g. cutting- edge, revolutionary.

3. Factual – present the information for distribute that is true, correct and doesn’t embellish anything that to be communicated.

4. Objectivity – virtually impossible to do, but refrain from using over hyped quotes from sources as they will be presented as being too biased.

5. Timing – The press release may not be topical, but it may be able to incorporate the release with a more recent news event.

Tara Dalrymple

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