becoming a client

Becoming a client?

How do I register as a client with

In accordance with practice in the industry, as a new client, you are welcome to meet with us or to telephone us in order to discuss their business and how we can be of assistance before registering with us as a client.

All clients’ are required to register with us and, like all financial institutions, solicitors and accountants, you are required to give us evidence of identity under money laundering regulations:

    • Passport or Drivers’ Licence
    • Utility Bill  and
    • a document from the Revenue Commissioners with your PPS number.
    • a recent bank statement

To assist you get set up quickly our introductory  registration service requires the following steps:

  1. registering your details – what I do to become a client
  2. accepting your documents in scanned format by email and
  3. booking an introductory discussion via telephone to 00-353-1-524 27 42 or Click Here to contact us

Please note: as part of this process, we may require one meeting in person.

Note: If consultations are required, all clients must register with us before we will give detailed or researched advice. Consultations are subject to charge on the basis of time involved in carrying out the project.

What do I need to do.

If you wish to become a client of,  Click Here to contact us with your name address and PPS number and a brief description of your business and queries arising.

We will make contact by email or telephone to discuss your requirements.