A Simple Plan for 2010

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It’s not big. It’s not sexy. But simple is however a little bit clever when it comes to Marketing Communications.

Many People are coming to the conclusion that a lot of the marketing communications that were created towards the end of the Tiger were relatively flabby and lazy. Not sure what to say? Say loads of things! No idea what is the one real consumer benefit that will unlock sales? Well cram in loads of benefits. Sure what did it matter. People were buying everything anyway. This led to a lot of very bloated, confusing and wasteful communications and a very confused consumer.

People forgot about the primacy and the discipline of a simple idea that arrives from a well-derived insight.

We all have to work really, really hard this year for our sales. They will need to really clearly see and understand the benefit of a product or service (whether functional or emotional) before they even begin to think about handing over their precious metal. Brands can’t afford to be lazy and ’say everything’. From now on success will be saying one thing, the right thing, brilliantly. That is the best way to be value conscious.

I think the companies that have or will embrace this common sense approach will see the benefits of communicating one creative idea cross media. Unfortunately many agencies still come up with an execution, be it a 48 sheet, online display or TV advert, first and then try and make it fit every other medium. This doesn’t work and will waste money. However executing a single creative ideas across all of your marketing channels allows each channel to do what they do best for your brand thereby maximising a brands return on investment.

Digital, with all of its unique advantages, will continue to flourish (as it should) though there are some brands commissioning digital projects based on the great insight of ‘if everyone else is doing it we should be too’. Again let simplicity and sense be your guiding principles. Set out clear objectives and deliverables. Not every brand should be on Facebook. It’s not a viral just because you put it on YouTube. Ask yourself at every stage ‘is this activity enhancing or benefiting my consumer?’.

In summary say less, but say the right thing, better.

Pat Stephenson
Managing Partner

Ideas Room